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Welcome to 100lost! This is a community similar to ones like iconfiend100, where you are challenged to create a hundred icons for the Lost fandom. You may pick a character, pairing, episode, cast member or something miscellaneous for your subject, and you will have three months to submit a hundred icons. Fifty will be assigned themes, fifty will be artist's choice icons. If you manage to complete your challenge, you must go to the Hall of Fame, and comment and then you will receive a pretty banner by our current banner maker, a very good artist! So make a claim and have fun! ^__^
1. Be nice. Any flaming or bashing will not be tolerated.
2. You must join the community and then make a claim at this post, provided your chosen subject is free. Do not just start posting icons without submitting a claim.
3. So that the community doesn't go dead for months at a time, you must make a post at least once a month. Don't just wait until you've done all hundred and then post.
4. No off topic posting. If you're not posting icons for your claim, your post does not belong here and will be deleted.
5. Use an lj-cut. If you are posting more than three icons, put them behind a cut so as not to clog up people's friends pages.
6. When posting, please use this format:
Due date:
Icons in the post:
Icons completed in total:
7. If you need to drop your claim, please comment on this post to let me know.
8. If your post contains any images from Season Three, you must put a spoiler warning in your post and please don't post said icons as a teaser. Many people haven't seen Season Three and I don't want people to be spoiled.
9. Please tag all of your posts with your username and claim, eg 'elvenblessed, claire littleton'
10. If you are claiming an actor, you are not allowed to use any image of them as their character, this includes promo shots. If, for instance, you claim Dominic Monaghan, you cannot use an image of him as Charlie, even if was from the cover of a magazine. If you are in doubt of an icon, feel free to email/comment it to me and I will decide.

Your moderator is pala_ferry and you can comment with any problems/complaints/questions. I promise I don't bite ^_^
Moderators & Banner Makers
Former: kali_sama, loverunway & elvenblessed
Current: pala_ferry

Banner Makers
Former: ieleni, jo__angel, thefalloficarus & elvenblessed
Current: pala_ferry
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The Themes
1. Colour
2. Good/evil
3. Paradise
4. Kiss
5. Love
6. Beauty
7. Memories
8. Dreams
9. Truth
10. Freedom
11. Childhood
12. Music
13. Eyes
14. Time
15. Dark/light
16. Happy endings
17. Hero
18. Hope
19. Trust
20. Humour/laughter
21. Sadness/tears
22. Sweet
23. Pretend
24. Lies
25. Soft
26. Alone/loneliness
27. Rain
28. Innocence
29. Secrets
30. Food
31. Mystery/mysterious
32. Danger/dangerous
33. Spiritual
34. Embrace
35. Forgotten
36. Flowers
37. Anger
38. Water
39. Fire
40. Rainbow
41. Nightmare
42. Black and white
43. Together
44. Silence
45. Destiny
46. Goodbye
47. Fear
48. Peace
49. Future
50. Family
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